Airport Security

I was trying to put my shoes back on – and jacket, and hairclip, and all the things that once were in my pockets – when I was called by security.

–          Is this your backpack ma`am? – the chubby, middle aged English man asked.

–          Yes – I answered, a little concerned with the time of my flight – is there a problem?

–          No, ma`am, I just need to check an item. Can you open it for me, please?

–          Sure – I said, as I opened it – what is it exactly? – I started to take item by item from the stuffed backpack.

–          It looks like a star, and it seems to be metallic.

That was when it hit me. I completely forgot to put that in the big bag I had checked-in. I nervously took the object out of the bag.

–          Wow! What is this, ma`am? Can I take a look?

–          Sure, it`s just decorative, you see. I`ll put it on my wall.

–          Are you sure? Well, can you wait here for a second? I`ll be right back.

I sat down as the man took the object to an officer. The man looked very surprised as he studied the metallic object I had brought with me in my carry-on bag. He looked even more surprised when the security guard pointed at me. He looked back at the object and back at me a couple of times before he walked towards me.

–          Is this yours? – he asked, a bit smiley.

–          Yes… I mean, it was a present.

–          A present? From who?

–          A boyfriend.

–          Ha! – he seemed to contain his laugh.

–          It`s decorative, I`m supposed to put it on my wall.

–          Really? – he paused for a second, not believing my excuse – Do you know martial arts, miss? – I couldn`t help but smile, he smiled back – you know you can`t be taking a ninja star to an airplane, don’t you?

–          Yes, I do… It was supposed to be in my other bag. But, seriously, it was a present, look at the center – he read the words that said: “I`m with you, soul mate”.

–          I understand, miss, but you can`t be walking around with sharp stuff in this country.

–          I understand, mate – I instantly regretted using the word “mate” with my American accent, it sounded like I was mocking – but look at me, do you think I`m going to attack anybody with this?

He actually looked at me from top to bottom: a skinny girl in my twenties, wearing jeans, Uggs and a Zara top, carrying a converse bag, a cute backpack full of little stuffed animals hanging from it and carrying a stuffed panda bear in my hands. I couldn`t look like I represented that much of a threat for international security. He was convinced of my innocence, but now he had to convince his superiors. He walked away and talked a good ten minutes on the radio. He came back with a grave expression.

–          Listen, I received orders to arrest you.

–          What? – My heart nearly stopped at that moment, my brain was already working on finding a way out when the English police officer smiled.

–          But I told them it wouldn`t make any sense, it was a present and you are not a threat. It was pretty close, huh?

I wanted to hug the man in relief, but that wouldn`t be appropriate so I just thanked him. We talked about martial arts for a few minutes while I grabbed all of my stuff.

–          You get to keep my star, don`t you? – I asked, missing it already.

–          I can`t let you in with this.

–          Well, take good care of it.

–          Have great flight, miss.

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