In English

Here are the links for all texts written in English, followed by a brief description. I hope you enjoy.

Real Stories

Robbery – This is a real story I thought was worth telling.

Nightlife – Just an example of the crazy nightlife in São Paulo.

Crime – The other side of crime in São Paulo.

Credit Card – How telemarketing strategies evolve.

Airport Security – Unusual situation in Heathrow, London.

Articles and Opinion

Human in the bus behavior – After years of experience as a public transportation user in Sao Paulo, I started analyzing how people behave in this environment.

The Elderly Issue – Article about the retirement issue in Brazil.

Stand-up Comedy – The funny side of English teaching in São Paulo.

Brazil Overtakes UK Economy – Article about the ironies of the fact.


Rick the Ping-Pong Star – It`s been turned into a tale but it`s a real story. Rick was in my class in highschool.

Balloons – Short story set in São Paulo.

A Tale of a Lost Tail – Silly story about a mouse.